Social Media Marketing

High impact social media activities.


You can spin your wheels in the ever-complex world of social media or, you can dive into specific, high impact, social media marketing activities that will show a strong return on investment.

There are many ways a company can leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to expand brand awareness and drive sales. Haypenny Marketing focuses on implementing the activities that will rocket your brand and grow sales with a solid return on investment.


Social Media Marketing that Drives Results:

Listening and Monitoring

Effective marketing begins with doing a competitive analysis of your online voice compared to that of your competitors. From there you must listen, identify the influencers in your market and then develop a strategy to stay in the conversation. We help you develop systems and processes that can efficiently identify, monitor and engage your market.

Training and Implementation

Not seeing results from social media? Not sure how it should be implemented across your entire organization? We provide the training to help you implement a successful strategy and help you learn how to focus on activities that will build your brand as well as create a strong lead development pipeline for your sales team.

Facebook Fan Base and Facebook Lead Development

If you are a B-to-C company, your Facebook Fan base should be continually growing and you should be capturing the email addresses of your fans for your email marketing campaigns. We help companies learn how the right mix of contests, sweepstakes, coupons and group buying will lead to a growth in sales.

Content Development and Blog Marketing

If you are a B-to-B company, you should continually be publishing engaging and optimized content (with the correct search engine keywords) in order to get in front of the right decision makers. Our copywriters can produce and market unique content for you, or train your team on how they can use our techniques for success.

Social Media Benchmark Reporting

At Haypenny Marketing, we believe in implementing social media marketing campaigns only if they can show a solid return on investment. We benchmark a well-defined starting point, show clear results and teach companies which indicators they should continue to focus on in order to drive success.



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