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Haypenny Marketing creates pixel perfect websites that are very search engine friendly and can easily be managed by non-tech-savvy staff. Haypenny websites are developed using CSS and CSS3 to detect the width of a device (web browser, tablet, smartphone, etc) in order to create a website that nicely displays on all devices. Haypenny Marketing works with companies during the website design stage to ensure that their website will complement their social media and email marketing strategies.


SEO-friendly Website Design:

SEO-friendly website design at Haypenny Marketing is done in a five stage process, with each stage meeting proper SEO-friendly website design requirements. The stages are as follows:

Stage 1: Concept Forming and Strategy

Is the concept you tell your customers the best one? Could you improve your story to increase sales and brand awareness? Haypenny Marketing works with clients to make sure their websites are built on a clear concept that will drive success.

Stage 2: Wireframing

Haypenny Marketing develops a black and white mock-up website online to test website usability and strength of SEO-friendly website content. Clicking on an actual website is very different from just looking at a paper mock-up to test usability. Wireframing is an inexpensive way to make last minute usability improvements before the process moves to the design and launch stages.

Stage 3: Design

Visually testing a website for usability flow is an important step in the web design process. This step ensures that both the client and the customers will be happy with the new website design.

Stage 4: Launch

Many companies think that pushing a website live is the last step of the process – WRONG! We help our clients understand the importance of PR opportunities that come before and after a launch or re-launch of a company website.

Stage 5: Marketing

To ensure an ongoing return on your investment, you need an ongoing strategy to get (and keep) your website high up in the search engine rankings. Haypenny Marketing helps clients understand what it takes to compete for online sales and brand awareness – as well as how to stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.



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