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Demystify search engine marketing.


Search engine marketing, also known as internet marketing, is a fairly simple process, but it’s difficult to execute properly. Gearing up with the knowledge needed to understand the process is the first step towards being successful online. Leverage the free white papers, SEM FAQ and webinars from Haypenny Marketing.


Free Search Engine Marketing White Papers:

Mamma’s Do’s and Don’ts for SEO-friendly Website Design

Re-designing your website for better SEO results? You better check with Mamma first!


Essential Building Blocks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good SEO is like building a house. Execute it correctly or the Big Bad Wolf will blow it down.


Facebook Marketing for Increased Sales

There is more to Facebook than updates. Learn how to use Facebook to drive sales.



Search Engine Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Find the search engine marketing answers you are looking for or ask us directly.


Digital Strategy Analysis:

Learn about your brand position

Find out how you are doing compared to your competitors.


Events & Webinars:

Search engine marketing and business development events and webinars

Haypenny sponsors a monthly online innovation thought leader discussion. Streamed live to the web monthly!

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