Top 7 Collaboration Tools to Skyrocket Your Innovation

What would happen if you could increase your teams’ collaboration by 25%, 50% or 75%? Can technology really be the bridge needed to capture innovation through collaboration? I keep hearing how companies are leveraging these internal collaboration tools to increase productivity but I am not yet convinced about their long-term effect.

I have been combing Portland, lining up speakers for the next Innovation in Motion meeting in October that will focus on internal collaboration tools. In preparation for this panel, I did some research and came up with the top 7 internal collaboration tools currently on the market. Here they are in alphabetical order:

FmyI, also known as For My Innovation, is a private collaboration site where you store and share information securely with your team. It combines a social networking site look and feel with tools to achieve your goals. They do a a lot of work in the sustainability field. {…}

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How to do a Facebook Page Incorrectly

Like traditional marketing efforts, Facebook marketing is useless unless implemented effectively. There is plenty of information on the web on how to do a Facebook page correctly. But something I don’t often see is how to do a Facebook page incorrectly.

If your company wants to see a return on investment from your Facebook marketing, you need a solid strategy and experienced expertise put on the job. It is surprising how many companies are still pawning off their social media strategies to an inexperienced intern. When Facebook marketing is left to an inexperienced marketer, here are the common pitfalls:

  • Not optimizing to increase page impressions
  • Boring broadcasts (monologue instead of a dialog)
  • Unclear understanding of Facebook’s mechanics
  • Violating Facebook terms
  • Not understanding your target customers
  • Not getting the right URL for your Facebook Page
  • Inappropriate response to Wall comments
  • Assuming people go to fan page vs. just newsfeeds
  • No budget for ads to acquire new fans
  • No real sales strategy put in place to test ROI

If you have a marketing professional in charge of your social media marketing strategy, you’ll get a lot more out of Facebook. An entry level staff member can handle the day to day operations of your Facebook page, but make sure {…}

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Facebook Fan Value

“Facebook fans reported spending $71.84 more per year than non fans.”

Facebook Fan value has been debated since the beginning of Facebook. It is impossible to create a concrete Facebook Fan value because of all the varying reasons that companies engage Facebook Fans. There are some interesting numbers from Syncapse who conducted an in-depth survey of 4,000 people who “Liked” the top 20 brands on Facebook. The survey uncovered the following:

  • On average, Facebook fans are 28% more likely to continue using a brand than non-fan consumers.
  • Fans are 41% more likely than non-fans to recommend a fanned product to their network. {…}

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The Future of Social Media

What is the future of social media? Let’s take a look at budget trends. We have all read that Facebook and social media marketing budgets are on the rise. More and more companies see the importance of leveraging social media to turn their customers into brand advocates and repeat customers. Instead of just believing the hype though, let’s look at the data to get a better idea about the future of social media.

According to a survey conducted by Duke University, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) were asked three questions:

1) What percent of your budget is social media marketing spend?

2) What percent of your budget in the next 12 months will be social media marketing spend?

3) What percent of your budget in the next 5 years will be social media marketing spend?

Some interesting results of the survey show that CMOs used to predict that their social media marketing spend would double year after year. But, as you will see from the results below, the future of social media annual spending will soon level off.




This 2011 study by the AMA shows social media marketing spend taking 18.1% of total marketing budgets which is not that much different than the predictions made in February and August of 2010.





So what does this mean for the future of social media? It means that CMOs have completed their “experimentation” phase; they’re becoming smarter about social media marketing. They are beginning to use their budget exclusively on social media channels that effectively demonstrate a return on investment. Social media playtime is over. Real ROIs are expected.

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The 750 Million User Facebook Market

So you think the Facebook market is not worth your company’s resources? Think again. Facebook currently has over 750 million active users. Population-wise, it has surpassed the US as the third largest country in the world. Facebook is not a country, of course, but it functions a lot like one. Facebook users have rights, just like citizens. Facebook is semi-democratic, since the company makes decisions, but the users have a big influence on what happens. Facebook also has its own language of sharing, Liking, tagging, and so forth. The Facebook market has a unique cultural etiquette that marketers need to learn and understand. Companies often fail to learn the subtleties of Facebook culture, and so they don’t engage well with potential customers.

Facebook logo drawing

Sometimes, businesses do not perceive the Facebook market as a long-term marketing channel, so they don’t build lasting engagements. It’s true that the Facebook market is new, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t last. The fact that Facebook’s application mechanics, ads, page structure and marketing opportunities are constantly changing could actually be an advantage. For some marketing experts, this “gray area of marketing” requires caution and delay. For smart marketers, though, the uncertainty around Facebook outreach represents a great opportunity.

Your strategy needs to be well thought out, just like any other strategy, if you want to show results in the Facebook Market. It’s important to start your Facebook strategy by segmenting out the customer group that you want to target.  Consider your priorities, and set goals. Then, develop a strategy that suits your {…}

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Less Is More: Salman Khan in Action

Salman Khan is an amazing innovator who left his hedge fund job and founded Khan Academy. Kahn Acedemy is a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

With his 2,000 simple tutorial videos receiving over 50 millions views, Salman Khan proves that sometimes less is more. In the interview below with Charlie Rose, he talks about the importance of sometimes needing to keep it simple in order to effectively connect with your audience.


Join Innovation in Motion for a monthly discussion about online innovation and interactive marketing.

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5 Social Media Ideas for Newbies

Not sure where to begin your social media training? This post is an overview of the five most important components of a small business social media marketing strategy. So, start… here.

Social media geek tell man how to start training.1. Get Your Facebook On.

Facebook is often the cornerstone of social media marketing for business. Why? It’s the largest social network, and it’s an easy place for one-to-one marketing. As a small business, it’s obvious that you should be on Facebook. But being on Facebook isn’t enough. You have to actually engage with potential customers and clients and build relationships.

Creating an engagement strategy is not as complicated as it sounds, though. It’s kind of like hosting a dinner party: you want to ask {…}

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Top 7 SEO-Friendly Website Design Tips

Creating an SEO-friendly website design that geo-targets the right market isn’t easy. It involves thinking strategically. Planning. Researching. Experimenting. Repeating.

Web_Design_TipsStill, it’s worth it.

Why? Word-of-mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore: all businesses have to work on their organic Google search results to reach the right audience. Local businesses need local keywords, because that’s a great way to get local customers.

Here’s some step-by-step advice for local businesses looking to create an SEO-friendly website design strategy:


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