Zero Moment of Truth Marketing

  |   Author: Kevin Long

Remember when shoppers used to go to stores to actually “shop?” Marketers targeted that split second decision when customers made up their minds about a product within the first few seconds of encountering that product on the shelf for the first time. In 2005, Procter & Gamble coined this interaction as “The First Moment of Truth.” With the rise of internet use today, shoppers are now experiencing many brand interactions before they see the product on a shelf. This phenomenon (and marketing opportunity) is what Google is calling theZero Moment of Truth.”

Dayn Wilberding, the Director of Digital Culture at Grady Britton in Portland, says the Zero Moment of Truth is leveling the playing field. He discusses how blogs and social media are being used to reach people who do their shopping before they enter the store. He also mentions that brands who want to capture consumers who are looking to form a deeper relationship with their brand are leveraging this opportunity.

Event: Zero Moment of Truth panel discussion, November 3rd at 6pm in Portland

Join Dayn Wilberding and other digital marketing experts who will be speaking at the November 3rd Innovation In Motion gathering. This panel discussion will focus on “The Zero Moment of Truth – A New Model for Modern Marketing.”
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