Why Do Internal Collaboration Tools Fail?

  |   Author: Kevin Long

Jennifer Walts is all about getting things done. As a former Microsoft employee and now a SharePoint consultant, she is a believer that internal collaboration tools can help companies achieve their goals.

Jennifer will be speaking at Innovation in Motion on October 13th as we tackle the online innovation topic of “The Future of Internal Collaboration Tools”. Gearing up for this event, I asked Jennifer why there seems to be such a high failure rate when it comes to companies attempting to use SharePoint for their internal collaboration tool. Jennifer explained to me the top three factors needed to successfully use SharePoint to increase productivity:

1) Strategy – You need to know exactly what you want to do with the tool.
2) Adoption – If you want your employees to use a new tool, you need to clarify the value.
3) Education – Teach your employees how to use the tool.

Join Jennifer and others on October 13th at Innovation in Motion monthly Meet-up.

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