Need Some Facebook Advertising Help? Here are 7 Killer Tips

  |   Author: Kevin Long

Facebook offers an excellent platform for data collection. Facebook users generously list their demographic information, interests and more on their profile page. Facebook (and marketers) use these details for targeted advertising. If you need some Facebook advertising help to capture this data, go no further. Regardless of whether you are building a fan base, running a contest or promoting an event, you should create your target segments first, then tailor your ads to match your segments. That will be the key to your success.

Here are seven Facebook advertising help tips to think about when targeting on Facebook:

1. Ad Builder:
When using Facebook’s ad builder, do not use excessive punctuation or capitalization, because Facebook sometimes rejects these ads.

2. Suggestions:
When pricing the cost per click of your ads, don’t rely on Facebook’s suggested ad, as it will commonly get disapproved. Experiment over time and you will find a magic number for each ad.

3. Interests:
Check out the fans of your competitors to get a sense of interests. Make a list of common characteristics, and use it to brainstorm. Facebook’s suggestions list might give you ideas as well.

4. Search:
You will enter in the location and demographics of the Facebook users that you want to target. Just as in paid search, identifying your highest performing paid search terms can give you a head start in targeting the ideal audience.

5. Themes:
Facebook allows you to use relevant keywords for use in the “Interests” section. Make sure you are thoughtful about how you use these keywords. Narrow in on themes rather than individual terms to translate from search keywords to keywords that represent interests. For example, if you sell outdoor shoes, use interests like “10k races” or “hiking groups.” Be careful not to be too general. General terms can be displayed in front of too many people, which will end up diluting traffic quality. Lastly, do not forget to click on the “Advanced Demographics.” There you will see even more options for honing in on your target market.

6. Networks:
You can choose to target your network (profiles that are only connected to the page you manage) or general results (general Facebook options). You can experiment to see what works best.

7. Re-targeting:
It helps to apply re-targeting and price variances to each of your segments. There are many demographic options to pick from when you are targeting your segmented audiences for Facebook ads. Measure the performance of each sub-segment in terms of clicks and conversion; that way, you can calculate appropriate bids for each segment. Understanding how your segments perform will allow you to drop your price per bid on low-performing segments and increase bids for your high-performing segments.

I hope these Facebook advertising help tips helped! If you want more information on Facebook Marketing, get a free company of our Facebook white paper.

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