Opal Labs – Unlocking Employee Potential

  |   Author: Kevin Long

George Huff, Founder and President of Opal Labs, is a big believer that businesses can accomplish anything if they harness the full potential of their employee workforce. Opal Labs recently launched a new internal collaboration platform to help companies do just that. This new platform takes a serious usability approach to ensure two things:

1) Content is relevant and data is structured to support meaningful dialogs.

2) Employee profiles show who you are, what you do, and how you contribute to the company.

George brings a fresh perspective to these internal collaboration tools that go far beyond just being an internal activity feed. Opal is tapping into the important trigger points that they believe will skyrocket the effectiveness of internal collaboration tools within companies. Opal has taken an interesting “app based” approach when building their internal collaboration platform. This approach allows Opal to meet the needs of their different clients instead of the traditional approach of giving every client the same product and then adding on plug-ins as needed.

George will be talking about the future of internal collaboration tools at Innovation in Motion in Portland on October 13th. Here is a preview of his thoughts on the future of internal collaboration tools:

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