Top 7 Collaboration Tools to Skyrocket Your Innovation

  |   Author: Kevin Long

What would happen if you could increase your teams’ collaboration by 25%, 50% or 75%? Can technology really be the bridge needed to capture innovation through collaboration? I keep hearing how companies are leveraging these internal collaboration tools to increase productivity but I am not yet convinced about their long-term effect.

I have been combing Portland, lining up speakers for the next Innovation in Motion meeting in October that will focus on internal collaboration tools. In preparation for this panel, I did some research and came up with the top 7 internal collaboration tools currently on the market. Here they are in alphabetical order:

FmyI, also known as For My Innovation, is a private collaboration site where you store and share information securely with your team. It combines a social networking site look and feel with tools to achieve your goals. They do a a lot of work in the sustainability field.


Huddle offers secure external access across the firewall, a lower TCO than on-premise competitors and is available on mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. They promote a “100% adoption across your enterprise in 90 days or your money back”.


LumoFlow targets highly networked business managers and executives who want to move beyond email filtering. LumoFlow has visual and intuitive tools to motivate people to share knowledge and manage tasks more effectively. LumoFlow is designed for business managers, who need instant communication, agile task tracking and clear overviews.


Opal is for organizations that want to build strong, effective teams that stay in sync, work better with others, and improve everyday. Opal has a number of apps that help focus the collective ingenuity and passion of teams, to help bring out the best in everyone. They focus on upgraded communication, mutual motivation and focused functionality.


SharePoint 2010 focuses on helping companies share ideas and finding the right business information to make better decisions. They are big into creating custom solutions for specific goals.


Social Cast enables secure enterprise collaboration software to unite people, information and applications across the enterprise in a collaborative community. They focus on helping customers discover data in real-time in order to help employees focus on meaningful work and share knowledge.


Yammer is pushing to revolutionize internal corporate communications by bringing together all of a company’s employees inside a private and secure enterprise social network. Yammer compares its ease of use to consumer products like Facebook or Twitter, but classifies itself as an enterprise-class software built from the ground up to drive business objectives.


I also think that Jive, Moxie and Chatter could be on this list but from my understanding, both companies go far beyond just focusing on collaboration tools so I did not see them as a fit for this list.


So there is my list – I would love to hear from anyone using these collaboration tools. Please share your thoughts and experiences and let me know who else should be on this list.

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